ASB’s expertise to fullfill customers’ various needs.

ASB has developed many specialized techniques enabling enormous flexibility of production.

pic_01Champagne Base
Deeply dished bases can be easily molded using the built in “bottom mold delay”of the molding machine with an appropriate mold design.
*Some models may require option parts.
(ASB / PF / HSB)

pic_02Split Type Conditioning Blow
An ASB Series machine can utilize split type conditioning blow in order to stretch blow mold polypropylene narrow necked containers with increased molding stability. The technique can also be used to more easily mold very thick walled PET containers.

pic_03-1Extreme Oval
Preforms can be molded using ovalized injection cores or cavities. Preform temperature can be modified by use of ovalized conditioning station components (ASB), or Preferential Heating (PF). As a result, ovality ratios of up to 3:1* (ASB), 2.5:1* (PF) are easily achieved while maintaining

pic_04Deep Pinch Grip
With ASB’s deep pinch grip technology, containers can be molded having molded handle grips much deeper than has ever been possible before. The result is the ability to mold large containers that can be comfortably held by everyone.

pic_05-1Front Parting Line
Thanks to our high quality mold manufacturing techniques, parting lines are virtually invisible. By designing oval containers with the parting line on the front / rear face, cavitation and productivity can be raised by up to 80%.

pic_06Pet Can
The ability to injection mold a very thin flange means the container can go through the standard aluminium can lid crimping process. A transparent container enhances the product appeal. (ASB)


Handle Molding
A variety of handled bottles can be molded including post-molding and in-mold types (ASB / PF) and integral (PF). By applying spot cooling in the conditioning station, the preform is stretch blown to the ideal condition for stable molding of handled containers.

pic_08Off-Center Necks
Household trigger spray and similar containers are often designed with necks that are off-center. At ASB we have many experiences with this type of container design and can offer off-center ratios as high as 2:1* (standard) , 7:3* (specialized).

pic_09Fixed Neck Orientation
Since the neck of the container is held throughout the molding process (ASB), the neck will always be in the correct orientation. Users of PF Series machines can achieve the same result with the optional neck orientation system.

pic_10Complex Neck Design / Very Short Necks
Since the preform is custom designed for the container, the end user can specify virtually any neck that is moldable. There is no need to be limited to a pre-designed preform shape. (ASB / PF) In ASB Series machines, the neck of the container can be as short as 3mm* allowing greater flexibility on cap design. Less material is used resulting in cost savings.

pic_11Long Neck Liquor Design
Most commonly used for liquor bottles, high quality containers can be molded with equal wall thickness in all parts of the container allowing lightest possible weight in the chimney section. (ASB / PF)

pic_12Zero / Minimum Support Ring
Containers molded in ASB Series machines do not require any support ring as the neck is always firmly held by the molded threads. In PF Series machines, the support ring radius can be as low as 1mm greater than the preform radius. As a result, weight can be saved and the appearance is enhanced.

pic_13Bottle-to-Bottle Recycling
With the simple addition of a specially designed PET resin dryer, ASB’s full range of machines can mold suitably re-processed post-consumer resin directly into many containers for many applications, contributing toward a cleaner environment and saving energy.