High output 1.5-step PET molding up to 9,000bph*.
A true competitor to small scale 2-step molding.

ASB’s innovative PF series gains a new brother which can go toe-to-toe with 2-step re-heat molding system. The PF24-8B lowers the cost of production both in energy terms and in factory space. Among the PF ranges, this model’s unique point is that it can be converted to mold in a 12-4 configuration for bottles up to 5L capacity offering even greater flexibility.

*In case of 500ml light weight bottle

 What is 1.5-step molding?

Feature 1 9,000 bph*, High Output New Class Leader
Feature 2 Energy Saving Molding Process
Feature 3 Hybrid Operation
Feature 4 Changeable Cavitation
Feature 5 Optimized Injection & Blow Molding
Feature 6 In-Mold Handle Processing?(PF24-8B / 12H model)

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Machine Photo


Typical Containers


Beverage, edible oil, salad dressing, detergent, agrochemical etc.

PET, recycled PET, PEN , PLA etc.

Plain round, oval, square, ultra-light etc.