Molding system for 20L (5 U.S. gallon) PET water bottle manufacturing.

The HSW machine can be used as an add-on unit to an ASB-650EXHS or ASB-650EXHD machine to mold heat resistant bottles in PET. As PET attracts more attention as a substitute material to PC in case of restriction of using PC due to BPA, this machine can provide the necessary heat resistance to PET for returnable and refillable washing procedures. Clear molding results and inserted handle molding are available with PET, making it equivalent to PC’s performance.

 What is 2-step molding?

Feature 1 A Unique Simplified Heat-Set System
Feature 2 Advantage of Double-Blow Process
Feature 3 Returnable & Refillable 20L (5 U.S. Gallon) PET Water Containers

Machine Photo


Typical Containers


20L (5 U.S. gallon) returnable water bottle


Plain round, with or without handle