For up to 38mm neck, 2L heat resistant bottle molding.

Together with the PM Series preform molding machines, and the CM Series neck crystallizers, the HSB Series double blow re-heat blow molding machines provide an integrated and matched solution to your hot filling and pasteurization needs. Using a full mold set in the double blow mechanism will allow molding containers that are capable of being filled at up to 95?*. These machines provide an ideal solution to small to medium scale filling company.

*Depending on the container design and spec.

 What is 2-step molding?

Feature 1 A Unique Heat-Set System
Feature 2 Increased Efficiency or Lighter Weight
Feature 3 Integrated System for the Molding of High-Quality Heat Resistant Bottles
Feature 4 Down-Sizing
Feature 5 High Productivity / Versatility
Feature 6 Gas Barrier Enhanced by Double Blow Method

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Machine Photo


Typical Containers


Tea, ketchup, syrup, juice, mineral water


Round, square, oval