Preform neck crystallizer for heat resistant bottles.

This machine can operate stand-alone or be integrated into a complete molding line. It is used to prevent neck deformation during hot filling and capping in hot fill or pasteurizable products. It is ideally matched to operate in-line with the HSB-6N blowing machine. Up to 28mm preform necks can be crystallized or 38mm with options. As indicated by the machine name, the general productivity for a 28mm neck preform is 6,000 preforms per hour.

 ¿Qué es moldeo en 2 etapas?

Feature 1 Crystallization of preform neck up to 28mm (38mm with options).
Feature 2 Hot fillable bottle production line combined with HSB-6N and PM-70 series.
Feature 3 6,000 preforms per hour production for 28mm neck preform.

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Typical Containers


Heat resistant necks for bottles for hot fill and pasteurization.


Preform for bottles