Compact, Versatile, Efficient.
Best selling model from the ASB series.

The ASB series are 1-step stretch molding machines with excellent molding flexibility supplying the greatest cost efficiency for their users. The ASB-70DP model range can trace its origins back to 1986 and with continual improvements now exists as the ASB-70DPH v4 and ASB-70DPW v3. Compact, flexible and efficient, the ASB-70DP series are the best selling machines in their class with over 1,000 units having been delivered to our customers all around the world.

 What is 1-step molding?

Feature 1 Superior Versatility
Feature 2 Excellent Capability and Operation Performance
Feature 3 Clean Production Environment
Feature 4 Reduced Power Consumption
Feature 5 Air Recycling System (Option)

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Typical Containers


Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, infusion bottles, detergent, mouth wash, baby feeding bottles, spice, salad dressing, food, liquor, PET Can, mineral water, industrial containers (e.g. photocopy toner container) etc.

PET, PP, PC, PLA, PEN, PS, recycled PET, etc.

Plain round, non-round, wide-mouth, oval, ultra-light, thick-wall etc.