Standard machine with higher output for molding very large containers.

As with all ASB Series machines, this model is capable of molding a wide range of products in a variety of materials, but is ideally suited for the production of 20L PET or PC bottles for the water industry. These models can trace their design heritage back to our first ASB Series machines delivered over 30 years ago ? when a design is this good, why change it? The addition of a second injection unit allows this machine to produce twice the output of the simpler ASB-650EXHS.

 What is 1-step molding?

Feature 1 Perfect for Molding 5 Gallon (20L) Returnable Containers
Feature 2 Beautiful Containers
Feature 3 Reduced Power Consumption
Feature 4 Easy Operation
Feature 5 Twin Injection Unit with 2 Cavity Molding of 5 Gallon Returnable Containers.

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Machine Photo


Typical Containers


Any large bottle or jar including 5 gallon returnable water bottle.

PET, PP, PC, PLA, PEN, PS, recycled PET, etc.

Standard round, with handle, wide-mouth, oval etc.