All-electric type. Compact, versatile + environment friendly.

In addition to the excellent versatility and reliability of the ASB Series, the ASB-15N/10E is the first and only all-electric 1-step injection stretch blow molding machine in the world. With its clean and remarkably quiet operation, it is ideally suited to mold containers for medicines, cosmetics and foodstuffs. In addition, it has extremely low power consumption which reduces production costs and helps to protect the environment.

 What is 1-step molding?

Feature 1 Drastic Reduction of Electricity Consumption
Feature 2 Low Noise and Low Vibration
Feature 3 Clean Operation
Feature 4 Reduction of Cooling Water
Feature 5 Stable Molding
Feature 6 Short Run Flexibility

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Machine Photo


Typical Containers


Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, healthcare, foods etc.

PET, PP, PC, PLA, PEN, PES, recycled PET etc.

Plain round, non-round, wide-mouth, oval, ultra-light, thick-wall etc.