Compact & versatile machine for small bottles and jars.

The ASB-12N/10 is a 1-step injection stretch blow machine that can mold a wide range of containers and materials. Bottles and jars from 2.5L right down to 1ml all fit within its wide capabilities. Compact but powerful, it is a perfect choice for the manufacture of high quality containers such as cosmetics and baby feeding bottles. It is highly suitable for high-mix low-volume production where profit margins are typically the highest in the industry.

 What is 1-step molding?

Feature 1 Compact
Feature 2 Low-volume High-Mix Production
Feature 3 Enough Clamping Force for Wide Mouth Jars (Up to 72mm neck)
Feature 4 Injection Blow Molding (IBM) (option)
Feature 5 Heavy Container Molding (Option)
Feature 6 Energy Efficient & Consistent Operation

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Machine Photo


Typical Containers


*Sample of Sharp Corner by IBM

Cosmetics (mascara, lotion, cream etc.), pharmaceuticals (eye drops, medicine etc.), baby feeding bottles, spice, liquor, carbonated drink etc.

PET, PP, PC, PLA, PEN, PS, PES, PPSU, recycled PET etc.

Plain round, wide-mouth, oval, non-round, ultra-light etc.