NISSEI ASB Machine Co., Ltd. characterizes compliance as an important pillar of management and promotes compliance based on the following guidelines.

1. To customers

  1. ASB understands customers’ needs and offers superior technologies and outstanding services.
  2. ASB pursues customer satisfaction and responds sincerely, taking customers’ standpoints into consideration.
  3. ASB does not force undue trading conditions and unfair trading methods.
  4. ASB does not give gifts and provide entertainment for the purpose of obtaining undue benefits.
  5. ASB manages personal information and customer information in a proper manner and does not disclose such information.

2. To the community and environment

  1. ASB does not conduct undue activities to damage free and fair competition in the industry.
  2. ASB creates, protects and makes use of intellectual property rights and respects the intellectual property rights of other parties.
  3. ASB thoroughly complies with laws and regulations of export / import, international rules and local laws and regulations in the case of trading with foreign countries, and respects local cultures and customs.
  4. ASB adopts an attitude of resolution to anti-social forces.
  5. ASB takes the global environment into consideration and strives to cut / reduce the environmental burden from business activities in an active manner.

3. To shareholders / investors

  1. ASB pursues permanent sustainability and conducts business activities that aim at increasing stable company values.
  2. ASB discloses management information in the right timing and manner.
  3. ASB does not make unfair stock trades utilizing insider information.

4. To suppliers

  1. ASB complies with the Act against Delay in Payment, etc. to Subcontractor, etc., and makes fair and transparent trade aiming for mutual prosperity.

5. To employees

  1. ASB complies with labor-related laws and regulations, and provides a safe and energetic working environment.
  2. ASB does not allow discrimination and sexual harassment.
  3. ASB respects employees’ diversity, personality and individuality, and does not infringe upon them.
  4. ASB promotes a balance between work and life and establishes an organization to enable work by diversified human resources.

NISSEI ASB Machine Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President Kota Aoki